Who we are

The Pan-Hellenic Philanthropic Association «BREAD & ACTION» is a Non Governmental Organization that has been functioning since 1998. Its efforts have been approved from the Greek, European and Tax Authorities with the relevant Permits. In November of 2011 our Association was awarded by the President of the Greek Republic, Karolos Papoulias, for the significant contribution to theSociety and the integrity of its goals.

At our Association «BREAD & ACTION» we cater to the idea of Philanthropy Voluntarily. «Volunteerism» to us does not mean «impromptu Amateurism» but «high quality Professionalism». What, really, interests us is to be in full awareness next to those suffering today. We collaborate with any Governmental or Non Governmental Organization that aims to eliminate or alleviate pain, violence, misery, ignorance and injustice.

The Pan-Hellenic Philanthropic Association «BREAD & ACTION», since 1998 until today, continuing the work of Human Support and Nourishment of socially weak groups, supports and feeds our fellow citizens without discrimination that face problems of survival – unfortunate, homeless refugees, earthquake victims, 25.000 cases, 150-200 tons of food per year. This is achieved through the invaluable assistance of our Volunteers as well as the Offerings-Donations of our Citizens, who are not indifferent to human suffering. We especially thank the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and TIMA Foundation for their support, Philippe Morris-Papastratos AVES and LIDL, as well as many others Donors who for many years support our work.


  • The nourishment of the poor (either by distributing food in bags, or with the operation of soup kitchens in poor areas). The Distribution is done by our Volunteers to those in need both Greeks and refugees – immigrants.
  • Humanitarian support (people that need food have, in addition, various other needs, like family consultation, education, finding job, health matters, social welfare, addictions, etc).
  • Promoting Volunteerism as a «must» in today’s modern society.

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